Year 5 11+ Course

Personally tailored 11plus exams revision and exam courses

Year 5 11+ Course

Personally tailored 11plus exams revision and exam courses

Our year 5 11plus exams course is an excellent choice for those parents that are looking for an expertly tailored and fully comprehensive personalised course designed to give your child the best possible chance of success in their 11plus exams.

We offer various course options and flexible start dates throughout the year to accommodate both our existing students and new students.

Depending on your requirements we can offer courses in maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and we can also advise you of the best options for your child based on your school preferences.

The year 5 11 Plus Course is one of our most popular courses and we do not require a child to pass an assessment to enrol.

We will give honest and expert feedback following an initial no obligation assessment as to what will be required for your child to do well in any 11plus examinations and then give you suitable course options based on their assessment results.


With over 16 years of experience in delivering outstanding results for our clients we have a detailed understanding of what needs to be effectively learnt in the crucial year 5 when undertaking 11 plus exams preparation.

Since 2004, our Harrow tuition centre has been running successful 11plus courses, mock exams and revision courses with outstanding success.

During this time, we have successfully assisted hundreds of students to gain admission to some of the very best Grammar and Independent schools in the country.

Our extensive experience and track record means that we clearly understand what preparation and practice is required to perform successfully in entrance examinations and are well placed to give you and your child the best possible support.

Course Content & Structure

Prior to commencing tutoring, all students will undergo a comprehensive assessment.

Following the initial assessment, a parental feedback session is arranged to agree a structured personal learning plan based on your school preferences.

As with all our 11 plus tuition courses there is great flexibility in the course so that individual work can be tailored to meet your child’s needs.

The core year 5 11 plus programme will cover all the main subject areas that are tested within the 11 plus exams. We offer a range of flexible course options covering maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Our maths course covers all the key topic areas that are tested within the 11 plus exam and it is also an excellent course to help your child excel in their maths at school as it also focusses on advanced mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills with plenty of exam question practice.

The 11plus requires a strong grounding in English so in addition to encouraging your child to read regularly and widely, we will also cover targeted work to improve spelling, vocabulary, grammar, word work and writing.

In addition to this we will also cover 11plus advanced comprehension skills including a key focus on developing the key skill of reading between the lines in advanced reading texts and passages. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry and the analysis of classical and contemporary texts are all covered.

The reasoning elements of the course will comprehensively cover all the various different types and styles of questions that can come up in verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Exams Boards & Mock Exam Practice

Our comprehensive 11 plus course covers the requirements of all the examination boards including Grammar schools (GL assessment, CEM) and the Independent sector (London Consortium, IESB) to ensure that all students are adequately prepared for their own specific exams.

We will also introduce regular test practice at various points of the course and in the final stages we will undertake regular mock exam practice and reviews leading up the actual school entrance examinations.

The latter stages of all our courses are tailored to ensure that each child receives appropriate timed mock exam paper and test paper practice for all the schools that they are planning to sit for.

Progress Tracking & Support

Classwork, homework all mock exams and tests are marked with individual feedback given.

All scores are tracked with additional support and practice given in areas of additional need where required.

We will also always be on hand to assist you with any additional help and ongoing support that you may require including help in selecting appropriate schools options and advice on additional learning materials to help with your preparations at home.

Course Outcomes & Delivery Options

In addition to giving your child an excellent preparation for their 11 plus examinations, the course is also specifically designed to improve your child’s confidence and for them to also accelerate their learning and excel at school.

The year 5 11 plus course is offered at our Harrow based tutoring centre or as an online option. Both options benefit from expert personal tutoring support and tailored weekly homework is given to each child to reinforce their learning.

Overview of Course Benefits

Expert and Experienced Tutors

Our lead tutors have been personally leading the course for over 15 years and have first-hand in-depth knowledge of what is actually required to achieve success in the actual exams.

GL Assessment, CEM, ISEB & London Consortium

Our courses and learning materials are regularly updated to reflect any changes in the entrance exams and our content covers all the main exam boards used by Grammar and Independent schools.

Personalised Content

After an initial assessment and an eleven plus exams consultation, an individually tailored tutoring plan will be agreed and will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is tailored to the needs of your child.

Ongoing 1-2-1 Support

Personal support to help your child master content, improve their confidence and help accelerate their learning and performance at school.

Weekly Targeted Homework

Regular homework will be set for your child which will be set, reviewed and marked every week by us to ensure that your child is on track.

Core Subject Coverage

We offer course options covering maths, English, verbal reasoning & non-verbal reasoning.

Exam & Test Practice

All our courses offer regular test question and exam practice.

Onsite or Online Options

In addition to onsite lessons, we also offer a year 5 live online programme with the same expert help that your child would receive onsite.

Next Steps

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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