11 Plus Preparation Year 4

Give your child the best start for their 11 plus exams

Our Year 4 11 plus preparation course is an extremely popular course for those parents wanting to give their child an excellent start in their 11 plus preparations.

The course is professionally designed and will cover all the essential maths, English, vocabulary building, and reasoning skills required to ensure that your year 4 child has built a solid academic foundation towards their 11 plus exams.

Due the rising competition for Grammar and Private School places, the year 4 11 plus preparation course is the perfect choice for many students to commence a structured and tailored 11 plus tuition course.

Various individual learning pathway options allow more able children to be given support to progress and develop at a pace more suitable for them whilst others benefit from additional individual support to fully understand key topics.

By commencing the year 4 11 plus preparation course, more time is available to thoroughly learn all the required 11 plus curriculum to the expected standard required in their 11 plus exams.


Our Harrow tuition centre has been successfully running this course since 2004. Over the course of the last 16 years we have assisted hundreds of students to gain admission to some of the very best Grammar and Independent schools in the country.

We are very experienced in exactly understanding what preparation and practice is required to perform successfully in entrance examinations and our course covers the requirements of all the main examining boards including GL Assessment, CEM, ISEB and the London Consortium.

Course Content, Structure & Outcomes

All students commence with a comprehensive initial assessment, the results of which are shared with the parent. The assessment results are then used to structure a personal learning plan for your child.

Each child is then given a tailored learning plan ensuring that all key areas are covered, followed up by individual support to ensure personal progress is being made.

Areas covered will include the following, comprehension work, spelling, vocabulary building, grammar, punctuation, word work, writing skills, mental arithmetic, problem solving and reasoning skills.

In addition to focussing on the core skills within each topic area students will also be supported to build upon higher level skills such as reading between the lines, working under timed pressure and building logic-based skills to help them with problem solving.

Your child will also be encouraged to read a wide range of material regularly to develop good reading and enhanced vocabulary skills.

Attendance at the centre is weekly and as part of the course all students benefit from personal tutoring support and tailored weekly homework is given to each child to reinforce their learning.

In addition to giving your child an excellent foundation for their 11 plus examinations, the course is also specifically designed to improve your child’s confidence and for them to accelerate their learning and excel at school.

Progress Tracking

Classwork and homework is marked by us with individual feedback given. All scores are tracked with additional support given in areas of additional need where required.

We also recognise that some children may at times benefit from slightly more homework and others slightly less, so there is flexibility in the sessions to adjust homework levels.

We will also always be on hand to assist you with any additional help and ongoing support that you may require and are happy to advise on additional learning materials to help with your preparations.

Course Outcomes

In addition to giving your child an excellent preparation for their 11 plus examinations, the course is also specifically designed to improve your child’s confidence and for them to also accelerate their learning and excel at school.

Overview of Course Benefits

Expert and Experienced Tutors

Our lead tutors have been personally leading the course for over 15 years and have first-hand in-depth knowledge of what is actually required to achieve success in the actual exams.

GL Assessment, CEM, ISEB & London Consortium

Our courses and learning materials are regularly updated to reflect any changes in the entrance exams and our content covers all the main exam boards used by Grammar and Independent schools.

Personalised Content

After an initial assessment and an eleven plus exams consultation, an individually tailored tutoring plan will be agreed and will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is tailored to the needs of your child.

Ongoing 1-2-1 Support

Personal support to help your child master content, improve their confidence and help accelerate their learning and performance at school.

Weekly Targeted Homework

Regular homework will be set for your child which will be set, reviewed and marked every week by us to ensure that your child is on track.

Core Subject Coverage

We offer course options covering maths, English, verbal reasoning & non-verbal reasoning.

Exam & Test Practice

All our courses offer regular test question and exam practice.

Next Steps

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