Year 2 SAT's Course

Individually tailored SATs tutoring programme for your child

Year 2 SAT's Course

Individually tailored SATs tutoring programme for your child

Our Year 2 individually tailored SATs tutoring programme will make sure that your child has the best support possible for their end of year exams.

Our weekly tutoring sessions are expertly designed to provide your child with personal tutoring support to ensure that they are confident and are well equipped to perform to the best of their ability in their year 2 SATs exams.

Following an initial thorough individual assessment, we will identify the areas in which your child requires extra support and will customise a tutoring plan tailored to their individual needs.

We will then provide them with weekly personal support to address any knowledge gaps and will reinforce learning by providing weekly homework.

Progress is continuously monitored and tracked with weekly classwork and homework which is marked and monitored by us. Personal feedback is provided and is available at all times.

Course content

All teaching and exam materials are regularly updated to reflect any changes in the National Curriculum and during the course of the programme we will also ensure that your child is taught the exam and revision techniques required to perform well in all their exams.

Our programme thoroughly covers all the topic areas knowledge required both within the maths and English syllabus to achieve ‘greater depth’ thereby allowing your child the opportunity to exceed the national levels by the time they sit their exams.

Our year 2 SATs tutoring covers Arithmetic, Mathematical reasoning and problem solving, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. We will also cover writing skills with your child.

In addition to covering all the material thoroughly with your child we will also make sure that plenty of targeted exam practice is given so that they have the confidence to do well in the SATs exam and that they are familiar with the exam content and format.

Year 2 SAT's Timing and Exam Format

Exams are traditionally sat in May at the end of year 2 with the newly revamped SATs exams first introduced in 2016. However, unlike the Year 6 SATs schools are given flexibility to manage the exams in a flexible manner and timing of their choosing.

Maths Exam Papers

Key Stage 1 Maths Paper 1: Arithmetic

This paper is typically around 15 mins long with total marks worth up to 25 marks.

Key Stage 1 Maths Paper 2: Mathematical Reasoning

This paper will test problem solving and reasoning including mathematical fluency and typically is a 35 min paper with up to 35 marks. papers are 40mins long.

The test contains a variety of different question types which can include multiple choice and true/false question types. Some questions may also require drawing of shapes or completing tables or charts of a particular nature.

English Exam Papers

Key Stage 1 Reading

This test normally consists of two papers which primarily designed to test your child’s reading comprehension skills.

Paper 1 will have a selection of texts with questions, whilst Paper 2 will consist of a reading booklet with questions which are answered in a separate booklet. Both papers are equally weighted, and each paper can take around 30 mins to complete.

Question types on the paper can vary and can take the form labelling questions, multiple choice answers, ranking and ordering events in a text, short and open-ended answers and find and copy answers.

Key Stage 1 grammar, punctuation and spelling tests

Often referred to as the ‘SPaG’ test. There are two papers in this test, a 20 mark spelling test which tests 20 words and a grammar and punctuation paper lasting 20 mins. The grammar and punctuation test normally requires answering both multiple choice and short answers style questions.

Interpreting Results

Once the tests are completed, they are normally marked by teachers within the school. Once marked, your child is given a scaled score. Scaled scores start at 85 with the target market set by the government at 100. If your child achieves 100 or more they have achieved the expected standard. The maximum score achievable is 115.

Benefits of the Achieve Year 2 SAT's course

Comprehensive Initial Assessment

A comprehensive initial assessment highlighting your child's existing strengths and weaknesses.

Targeted Learning Plan

A targeted learning plan focussing on your child's requirements with regular examination practice and revision.

Expert Personal Support

Expert personal support to ensure your child receives the support that they require.

Inspiring Confidence

Tutoring delivered to inspire confidence and help your child to exceed expectations.

Regular Weekly Homework

Regular weekly homework that is set, marked and monitored, with individual feedback.

Flexible Start Dates

Flexible start dates with free catch up lessons for any lessons that are missed.

Feedback Opportunities

Regular opportunities to discuss feedback at any time including personal meetings with the Centre Manager or Director.

Next Steps

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