Grammar Schools in London: Your Complete List

Unlocking Excellence: A Parent’s Guide to London’s Grammar Schools

Embarking on the secondary school journey is a crucial time that sets the stage for your child’s future success. 

But how can you choose a school that’s best for them?

In good news, London’s vibrant educational landscape boasts a network of distinguished grammar schools. Each has its own unique history, traditions and well-deserved reputation for academic prowess. 

As a parent naturally seeking the best educational opportunities for your child, navigating the array of options is exciting and daunting. To help you make an informed choice, here’s your comprehensive guide to all of London’s grammar schools.

Ready? Let’s dive straight in.

How many Grammar Schools are there in London?

There are 19 Grammar Schools in London, each offering a unique educational experience. These schools are all part of the broader system of selective state-funded secondary education in the UK. They follow the national curriculum (just like any other state school), but also offer extra academic opportunities for your child. 

These opportunities could involve additional subjects like Latin or Further Maths, extracurricular clubs or studying for more A Levels and GCSEs than normal (for instance, four or five A Levels rather than three). 

Grammar Schools strive for academic excellence and they’re essential to delivering the high standard of education London is known for. This doesn’t mean pastoral care goes by the wayside however. So rest assured your child will be supported and challenged in equal measure.

Admission to these schools is typically based on the results of the 11 Plus exam, a standardised test taken by students in their last year of primary school. 

To read more about the Grammar School system and how to prepare your child for their 11+ exams, take a look at our introductory guide.

A complete list of Grammar Schools in London

Here’s a brief introduction to each of the 19 Grammar Schools in London. We’ve linked to each school and broken the list down by area, so you can easily find the schools nearest you.


Henrietta Barnett School

Established in 1911, this all-girls grammar school in leafy Hampstead Garden Suburb is renowned for academic excellence. In 2023, an amazing 97% of GCSE grades were 7-9. The school offers a wide range of subjects and extracurricular activities, emphasising a well-rounded education and personal development.

Queen Elizabeth’s School

Founded in 1573 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, this boys’ grammar has a rich history. It’s played a key role in the local community ever since and regularly tops league tables as the best grammar in the country. Today, it maintains high academic standards and provides a supportive environment with fantastic sports facilities.

St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School

Located in Finchley, St. Michael’s has served the local community since 1908. As a religious school (founded by the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus), it blends academic achievement with a strong emphasis on spiritual and personal development. The school only admits girls for years 7 to 11, but accepts boys for sixth form.


Beths Grammar School

With roots dating back to 1945, Beths Grammar School in Bexley consistently achieves outstanding results. It’s renowned for its exciting STEM provision and commitment to nurturing the “whole student”. Beths also specialises in preparing students for Oxbridge entrance.

Bexley Grammar School

Founded in 1955, this co-educational grammar school has a particularly strong academic reputation. Their curriculum includes at least two foreign languages and all three sciences at GCSE. Nonetheless, it’s still a supportive environment, aiming to “raise aspirations and grow confidence”.

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

Established in 1931, this mixed grammar school emphasises academic achievement and personal responsibility, with a range of extracurricular activities. Set within “extremely attractive grounds” that are almost unique in South East England, the school fosters a caring and happy community.

Townley Grammar School

Founded in 1933, Townley Grammar School for Girls has a proud history of academic success. It promotes a holistic and “socially responsible” education, encouraging students to excel both inside and outside the classroom. Praised by the Department of Education for its “character education” the school fosters a “desire to improve the world for others” in its girls.


Newstead Wood School

Founded in 1957, this girls’ grammar in Orpington is known for its STEM focus and fantastic tennis centre. It maintains high academic standards while encouraging students to explore their personal interests. The school promotes “fundamental British values” and encourages democratic involvement in school decisions from all its students.

St Olave’s Grammar School

Dating back to 1571, St. Olave’s is one of the oldest schools in the country. This boys’ grammar school has a distinguished history and is rightly praised for its academic excellence. Impressively in 2023, 100% of students gained five or more 9-5 grades at GCSE.


The Latymer School

Founded in 1624, The Latymer School (based near Edmonton Green) has a long-standing tradition of academic achievement. It’s one of London’s most successful and historic grammars. Indeed, the school is regularly listed as one of the top co-ed schools in the country. It boasts a sizable and diverse community of over 1,350 students.

Kingston upon Thames

Tiffin Girls’ School

Established in 1880, Tiffin Girls’ School has an enviable reputation. It’s recognised for its academic excellence, pastoral care, a strong commitment to extracurricular activities and creative subjects. The school’s latest Ofsted report particularly praised the “high profiles” of music, drama and the arts.

Tiffin School

Founded in 1888, Tiffin School for Boys has a proud history of academic achievement. Impressively, over 87% of A Level grades in 2023 were A*-B. It provides a truly stimulating and well-rounded learning environment with over 70 clubs and societies for students to take part in.


Ilford County High School

Established in 1901, this boys’ grammar in Barkingside has a strong academic reputation. In 2023, an amazing 31 students achieved straight A*s or As in their A Level exams. The school combines traditional values with modern educational practices, building “young men for the future”.

Woodford County High School

Founded in 1919, Woodford County High School for girls is known for academic excellence and a “palpable sense of community”. It offers a wide range of subjects and extracurricular activities, striking a balance between an “unashamedly academic” curriculum and innovative teaching.


Nonsuch High School for Girls

Established in 1938, Nonsuch High School for Girls fosters a highly supportive learning environment, encouraging students to excel with confidence. With a strong focus on sporting, fundraising and creative activities, the school aims to create “perceptive and caring global citizens” prepared for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Sutton Grammar School

Dating back to 1929, Sutton Grammar School for Boys has a strong tradition of academic excellence. It provides a challenging curriculum and encourages students to reach their full potential (for instance, all students are expected to take four A Levels). The school also prides itself on “excellence beyond the curriculum” with enriching activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Law Society, STEM clubs and sport.

Wallington County Grammar School

Founded in 1927, this boys’ grammar school has a strong academic record. It promotes a well-rounded education, emphasising both academic and personal development. The school’s culture and ethos stems from its motto “per ardua ad summa” which translates as through difficulties to the heights.

Wallington High School for Girls

Established in 1888, Wallington High School for Girls is known for nurturing confident and capable young women. Ofsted has praised its “strong learning community” with 75% of A Levels awarded A* to B grades and 62% of GCSE entries grade 8 or higher.

Wilson’s School

Dating back to 1615, Wilson’s School in Wallington boasts centuries of academic success. This boys’ grammar school emphasises traditional values of integrity and respect, alongside a challenging curriculum. The school also prides itself on the “laughter, good humour and warmth” that marks student and teacher relationships.

What’s the best place to live for a Grammar School?

As you can see, London is dotted with many exceptional grammar schools, each with its unique charm and history. 

But if you’re planning ahead and thinking about location, which borough is the best for access to these schools?

Well, no matter where you’re based, there’s no guarantee of admission to Grammar Schools. Even if you live right outside the school gates, if your child doesn’t secure the grades they need in 11+ exams – you won’t secure a place.

That being said, statistically Sutton has the most Grammar Schools of any London borough. So you could be more likely to swag a spot if you live within the catchment area of multiple schools.

In terms of rankings however, Barnet has some of the highest ranked schools. Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys and the Henrietta Barnett School are regularly listed as two of the top schools in the country.

In more good news for London residents, many of the capital’s schools consistently rank highly in national grammar rankings. In fact, most of the top 20 are usually London schools. So if you’re looking for a city that’s great for grammars – look no further than London.

We’ll also take a closer look at grammar school rankings in a follow-up blog, so watch this space.

Are you applying to Grammar Schools in London?

The competitive academic environment and rich cultural offerings of London undoubtedly contribute to the stellar reputation of its grammars.

As a parent looking at schools in the city, it’s so important to explore your options, consider catchment areas and most importantly find a school that aligns with your child’s unique strengths and personality.

If you need help with 11+ preparation, mock exams or personalised consultancy, contact our expert team at Achieve Learning today. Whichever school you’re aiming for, we’ll help your child unlock their full academic potential.