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Personally tailored maths tuition to improve your child's GCSE grades

Our personally tailored GCSE maths tutoring programme will help your child become a more confident and able mathematician. We offer courses for all year groups from year 7 to 11.

In addition to learning the key topic requirements from the syllabus, we will also teach them how to learn more effectively and answer questions in a manner to maximise their marks in any exam or school test.

In order to pass maths exams with high grades, it is necessary for your child to have a strong foundation and for our maths tutors to clearly understand your child’s specific weaknesses. At Achieve Learning, we take time to ensure that learning time is maximised by focussing on the areas that will make the biggest impact on your child’s learning.

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Our Maths Tutoring Experience

Our private maths tuition has been delivering exceptional results for over 16 years. We are very experienced, and our individually tailored tutoring approach has helped children from a large variety of schools do extremely well in their GCSE maths exams.

Many of our students have progressed to obtain exceptional GCSE maths grades and then been accepted to the very best universities including Oxford and Cambridge after completing their A levels.

Is Getting Good Maths Grades Important?

Maths is a key subject grade that schools, universities and employers will all factor in when undertaking a course or employment offer. Good GCSE grades offer your child the best chance of success as they develop into adulthood.

Math grades are becoming an even more important factor when applying for higher education and employment. If your child is considering studying maths and sciences at A level, applying to University or considering exploring Degree Apprenticeship options at 18, good Maths grades will be essential.

Maths ‘Catch Up’ Programmes

If you are concerned that your child has fallen behind, we can assist with designing a ‘catch up’ maths tutoring programme to get them back up to speed and move them ahead again. This is an extremely popular option for many parents as the work is customised to address the exact needs of your child.

We recognise that falling behind at school can be very demotivating and can knock a child’s confidence so we will ensure that both knowledge levels and confidence levels are quickly regained.

Gifted and Talented Maths Programme

We have also been very successful in supporting gifted and talented children to ensure that they are stretched and challenged to achieve the very best Maths grades possible in order to fulfil their future ambitions.

At the outset of any maths tutoring programme, we take time to clearly understand the motivations of all children to ensure that we can provide them with the motivation, engagement & support required to reach their academic goals.

Maths Course Content & Structure

The key to our programme of maths tutoring is to commence with a fair, detailed and independent assessment with the key findings and results being shared with you and your child.

This gives us an excellent starting point on which to plan the most appropriate individual learning plan for your child.

Once an initial starting point has been agreed upon, our tutors will then work with your child on a weekly basis to ensure that they are effectively learning and improving by demonstrating and applying their knowledge both whilst with us and at home.

Work is tailored to the requirements of the examination board that your child will be studying at school and as we have children from state, grammar and private schools regularly attending our centre. We are experienced in teaching for all exam boards and formats.

Weekly maths homework is also set, monitored and marked by us to ensure their maths learning is reinforced, this will include regular question and exam practice.

Exam Boards & Maths Exam Practice

We offer targeted tutoring and support programmes for all exam boards including Edexcel, AQA, OCR, iGCSE including the Cambridge iGCSE.

As part of any tutoring plan, we will build in regular tailored test and exam question practice to help them with any upcoming tests at school.

Progress Tracking & Support

Classwork, homework all maths tests are marked with individual feedback given.

All scores are tracked with additional support and practice given in areas of additional need where required. Work plans are also flexible so we can assist with maths topics that your child may be having at any given time at school.

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Find out exactly where your child needs support and how we can help them achieve their academic potential.

Maths Course Benefits

By attending our maths tutoring sessions your child will benefit from the following:

Comprehensive Free Initial Assessment

A comprehensive free initial assessment that clearly identifies your child's strengths and weaknesses. Results are shared with you and your child.

Expert Maths Tutoring

Expert tutoring that focusses on addressing any weaknesses highlighted and then ensuring progress is made to higher levels of achievement.

National Curriculum Grading System

Teaching fully in-line with the updated 9-1 National Curriculum grading system.

Exam Board Specific Tutoring

Targeted tutoring that is exam board specific (Edexcel, AQA, OCR or iGCSE), to ensure that your child's learning is effective and focussed in the right areas, ensuring the best possible results.

Weekly Maths Homework

Weekly homework which is set, monitored and marked by us.

Flexible Start Dates

Flexible start dates with regular mock exam practice and the option to attend a revision course.

No Long Term Contracts

No long term contracts and the option to attend free catch-up sessions for any lessons that are missed.

On-going Expert Support

On-going expert support right up to the final exams.

Next Steps

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