GCSE English Programme

High impact personal tutoring to maximise your child's grades

GCSE English Programme

High impact personal tutoring to maximise your child's grades

Our GCSE English programme is uniquely tailored to your child’s exact learning requirements. The work will focus on the examination board that your child is studying at school to ensure that time spent learning is effective.

We have an excellent established and experienced teaching team with a wealth of high-quality exam board specific materials to give your child the best support for their school studies and subsequent exams.

Importance of Language and Literature

English Language and Literature are key subjects within the National Curriculum and are ones that both Universities and potential employers hold in high regards. For example, the ability to think, analyse and write clearly and effectively for a variety of audiences are key skills required across all key subject areas at school and very much in life beyond.

Our Tutoring

Our tutoring covers all the key scopes of study required within the GCSE English syllabus including the key areas of critical reading, comprehension and writing.

For example, specific areas covered will include improving the ability to identifying and interpreting themes, ideas and information in a range of literature and other high-quality writing, summarising ideas and information from a single text, analysing and evaluating how form and structure contribute to the effectiveness and impact of a text and analysing how to critically compare two or more texts.

Students will also be taught how to produce clear and coherent pieces of text, how to write for impact including the use rhetorical devices and how to be able to write effectively for different purposes and audiences.

Our GCSE English tutoring programmes have various start dates throughout the year and spaces are usually filled up very quickly as they are only offered on specific days and times.

Exam Boards Covered

Due to having children from state, grammar and private schools attending our centre we are very experienced in teaching for all exam boards and formats. We are very experienced in offering tailored tutoring and academic support for all exam boards including AQA, WJEC, OCR, CCEA, Edexcel and iGCSE.

Progress Tracking & Support

Weekly homework is also set, monitored and marked by us to ensure is reinforced, this will include regular question and exam practice.

Course Benefits

By attending our tutoring sessions your child will benefit from the following:

Comprehensive Free Initial Assessment

A comprehensive free initial assessment that clearly identifies your child's strengths and weaknesses. Results are shared with you and your child.

Expert Tutoring

Expert tutoring that focusses on addressing any weaknesses highlighted and then ensuring progress is made to higher levels of achievement.

National Curriculum Grading System

Teaching fully in-line with the updated 9-1 National Curriculum grading system

Exam Board Specific Tutoring

Targeted tutoring that is exam board specific (Edexcel, AQA, OCR or iGCSE), to ensure that your child's learning is effective and focussed in the right areas, ensuring the best possible results.

Weekly Homework

Weekly homework which is set, monitored and marked by us.

Flexible Start Dates

Flexible start dates with regular mock exam practice and the option to attend a revision course.

No Long Term Contracts

No long term contracts and the option to attend free catch-up sessions for any lessons that are missed.

On-going Expert Support

On-going expert support right up to the final exams.

Next Steps

Please feel free to contact us on 0208-204-9995 for any further information that you may require about our range of professional educational services, or to take advantage of a free no-obligation academic assessment or consultation please book here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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