SATs Scores Explained: Demystifying KS1 and KS2 SATs Scores

SATs Scores Explained: Demystifying KS1 and KS2 SATs Scores SATs results season can be a confusing time for parents. With a barrage of numbers and acronyms like “scaled score”, “raw score”, “expected standard”, “GDS”, and “EXS” (the list continues!), it can feel overwhelming.  But not to worry. This guide is here to demystify KS1 and […]

What is Verbal Reasoning for the 11 Plus? How To Help Your Child Succeed

Verbal Reasoning is a fundamental part of 11 Plus exams. If you’re applying to a grammar school or a partially selective school, your child will sit these tests at the end of Year 6. With a mixture of Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning questions, 11 Plus exams are designed to be challenging. But the good […]

How to write a GCSE English Speech: Your 2025 Exams Guide

How to write a GCSE English Speech: Your 2025 Exams Guide It’s a part of the GCSE English Language syllabus that fills most students with dread… public speaking.  But preparing for your GCSE English speech shouldn’t be daunting! It’s generally only five minutes long, and you can normally speak about pretty much anything you want. […]

What is Non Verbal Reasoning? Your 11+ Exams Guide

What is Non-Verbal Reasoning? Your 11+ Exams Guide 11+ exams are a significant milestone for both children and parents. They mark the end of primary school and the transition to secondary education – with plenty to understand and prepare for. Among the various components of the 11 Plus, non-verbal reasoning stands out as a particularly […]

What is GL Assessment? GL 11 Plus Exams Explained

What is GL Assessment? GL 11 Plus Exams Explained If you’re helping your child prepare for their 11 Plus exams, chances are you’ve come across the acronym “GL”.  But what exactly does it mean? Well, GL is short for GL Assessment, the leading provider of 11 Plus exam papers in the UK. They provide 11 […]

How To Get Into Grammar School While Homeschooling

Homeschooling in the UK offers a unique and flexible approach to education. It lets parents tailor their child’s learning experience to their academic interests and emotional needs – setting them up for future success. Lots of parents choose to homeschool during primary years, but opt for mainstream education when it comes to the more specialised […]

Homeschooling in Britain: A Parent’s Guide for 2025

Homeschooling in Britain is continuing to grow in popularity. And for good reason! With more pressures on schools and children than ever before, parents are increasingly seeking an alternative education that provides opportunities for flexibility, a personalised curriculum and a safe learning environment.  If you’re thinking about homeschooling in the UK, you’ll find everything you […]

Dr Challoner’s High School: Your 11 Plus (11+) Entry Guide 2025

Are you considering Dr Challoner’s High School for your daughter? If so, here’s all the information you need about the school, its admissions process and deadlines, 11 Plus exam papers and how to prepare. Dr Challoner’s High School, situated in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, is a highly esteemed grammar school for girls. It admits around 180 […]