11 Plus Exams Consultancy

Is your child on track for 11 Plus Exams success?

Our 11 plus exams consultancy service can help you to make sure that your child is on track to perform to the best of their ability in their 11 plus exams.

We offer a personal and professional 1/2/1 dedicated 11 plus exams service to provide you with data and information to help you answer the following questions.

Do you want to compare how your child is currently performing compared to other 11 plus students applying to the same schools?

Are you preparing your child yourself and just need some regular expert advice to make sure that you are using the right 11 plus practice materials?

Do you require help in choosing the best Secondary School options for your child?

Are you unsure if the 11 plus is the right choice for your child?

Do you require regular, reliable personal 11 plus exam assessments with expert feedback to make sure that your child is progressing towards their goal?

Are you confused by the 11 plus practice test scores that your child has been getting even though they have been working so hard?

Our 11 plus exams experience

We have provided families with expert personal 11 plus exam preparation support since 2004.

Our dedicated 1/2/1 11 plus exam consultancy support has helped reached hundreds of children achieve their academic goals.

We have helped children obtain admission into the very best State and Private schools including Queen Elizabeth Boys, Henrietta Barnet, Haberdashers Boys and Girls, Merchant Taylors, St Helens, St Michaels and Watford Grammar Boys and Girls amongst others.

Having successfully helped families year on year we are expertly placed to personally advise and support you on every stage of your child’s 11 plus journey from assessing child’s suitability and monitoring their progress at every stage..

1-2-1 consultancy support options

We can provide the following consultancy and support options:

11 plus graded assessments with ongoing personal feedback and support

Being our most popular service, this includes a set of four graded assessments throughout the academic year with detailed customised feedback and personal consultation after each assessment detailing exact topic areas that your child requires further help in.

It also allows you to accurately benchmark how your child is currently performing in relation to other candidates who are applying to similar schools. This information can then be used to assist you in the next stages of your preparations.

As part of the graded assessments consultancy process we will also answer specific any questions you may have about practice materials, revision tips and any school specific queries.

11 plus exams schools consultation

As educational consultants we understand that identifying the ideal secondary school can often be a difficult and confusing process for many.

Given our years of built-up and extensive knowledge of all the various school options available, we can offer you up-to-date and expert advice on the best options given your individual requirements.

We will carefully research and discuss schooling options with you and then help you map out a plan of action to achieve admission to your preferred schools.

11 plus exams revision consultation

in light of the vast range of 11-plus revision materials and publications now available, many parents are unsure as to what materials and support to use and at what scores their child should be independently scoring to stand a realistic chance of success.

During a revision plan consultation, we will take time to review what existing work your child is undertaking and advise you on suitable materials and the next steps to effectively maximise your child’s chances of success.

We will also discuss your school preferences to ensure your learning materials are targeting the required areas and levels in addition to helping you monitor and establish an effective revision plan.

Next Steps

We offer an initial no obligation free consultation where we can discuss your initial requirements further and can answer any further questions that you may have about our 11plus consultancy service.

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