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Over 18 years experience in delivering outstanding tuition in Harrow for students aged 5 yrs to 16 yrs

11+ Tuition

Targeted and expert 11 plus exams support. Services include personalised tutoring, revision classes, 11 plus mock exams and 1-2-1 consultancy services for parents.

SATs Tuition

Individually tailored SATs exams tuition in English and maths to ensure your child is exam ready and performs to their full potential.

Maths Tuition

Personal maths tuition support to stretch your child to become a more confident and able mathematician. Catch up and gifted and talented tutoring options also available.

Academic Coaching

Professional 1-2-1 academic coaching providing your child with comprehensive guidance and support to help them reach their full academic potential.

Experience that you can count on

Established in 2004, our Harrow Tuition Centre is an experienced and professional tutoring organisation that has an exceptional track record of tutoring success.

Our team has continuously helped students achieve excellent exam results, helping them achieve their full academic potential.

We offer a range of up-to-date specialist tuition courses and flexible tutoring options for all key English, maths and reasoning tests and examinations, including: 11 plus exams, SATs examinations and GCSEs.

Whether your requirements are to improve your child's school exam grades or gain entrance to a grammar or independent school - we have the right tuition support for you.

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Tutoring tailored for your child's individual needs


At Achieve, we recognise that every parent wants the very best for their child.

Our high-impact personal English and maths tuition at our Harrow Tuition Centre is designed to target your child's unique needs.

We fully appreciate that tutoring is an investment and that you will want to make sure that your child receives individually targeted support, will be stretched and make excellent academic progress.

That's why we offer every child a free and detailed academic assessment to clearly and fully understand their exact strengths and weaknesses. We also take time to understand your desired outcomes from the tutoring sessions.

Our expert English and maths tutors in Harrow will then carefully design a professional tuition plan that is unique to your child. All ongoing targeted classwork and homework is reviewed, monitored and marked by us on a weekly basis to ensure that excellent progress is being made.

Regular test practice to improve exam performance

All our tailored tutoring plans also ensure that your child has the opportunity to improve their performance in school tests by having regular exam and targeted test question practice, particularly in the period leading up to their school exams.

We also offer the opportunity for our students to participate in various mock exams and specialist revision courses at various times throughout the year.

These include 11 plus exams , SATs and GCSE exam practice and revision classes during the Easter and Summer school breaks at our Harrow Tuition Centre.


Inspiring confidence and a love of learning

Inspiring confidence and a love of learning

Children perform much better when they feel confident and enjoy learning.

With this in mind, all our targeted tutoring programmes also focus on developing excellent and highly valued lifelong skills, such as high levels of confidence, an agile mind, the ability to think independently, as well as as love of reading and writing.

Our Harrow Tuition Centre also has an extensive library from which all children are actively encouraged to take books home to read at their leisure.


Our happy parents and pupils said...

"We would strongly recommend Achieve Learning to any parent wanting the best exam preparation for their children. The personal support given to each child is excellent. Both my daughter and son now attend excellent grammar schools and we are very grateful for all the help."

Mrs Ali


"I would like to thank all the teachers at Achieve for giving Dhruv the support he requires. He has come a long way since he started Achieve and is now in the top set in Maths. As a parent I give the credit to Achieve as although we as parents give him the support at home, the extra mile has come from attending lessons at Achieve. Once again thank you."

Mr & Mrs Gajjar


"Over the course of the last 4 years Achieve have helped me to consistently attain the highest grades possible. In addition to supporting me to successfully pass my entrance exams, their expert tutoring has given me the confidence to excel at school."


Watford Grammar Boys School

"Dear Achieve Learning team, 

Thank you for all your help and support. My mum and my teachers at school have seen a massive improvement in my maths since I have been at Achieve. 

You have helped raise my confidence and my ability to do things that I couldn’t do.  For this I am extremely grateful."



"Thanks to Achieve I now attend Q.E boys school. Without the excellent support provided, I doubt I would be where I am today. Achieve gave me the best ongoing help I could possibly ask for.  In addition to weekly tutoring sessions focussing on my weaknesses they also prepared me with regular mock exams practice.  I am in debt to their amazing teaching. I would definitely recommend it to others."

S. Shah

Queen Elizabeth Boys School

"Dear Achieve, 

Thank you for everything! It has been a great 12 years – got into Grammar School and went on to get excellent GCSE results!  

Thank you so much."



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