As a forward-thinking professional tutoring organisation, we fully recognise that choosing the right schools, university and/or appropriate subjects to study can have an important bearing on a child’s future success. However, these are not the only factors that have a major impact on future achievements.


The key factors, in our experience, are high levels of learner motivation, informed decision making, and clearly defined academic goals. The impact of positive peer groups, and a professionally delivered and targeted learning plan, can also have a strong bearing on your child’s educational performance.


As a result of our significant experience and on-going research within this area, we regularly advise our clients on how best to plan and take advantage of the variety of academic learning options available to their children. In most instances – advance planning, preparation and decision making based on up-to date information are the key components in maximising academic success.


To assist parents in undertaking their own researching of school options and individual school performances, please find suggested links below or, alternatively, you can book a free academic assessment for your child which can also include an informal discussion of your child’s best schooling options.



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