Achieve 11+ Mock Exams

High quality targeted exam practice with individual feedback combined with on-going exam revision and support

An Achieve 11+ Mock Exam is an excellent way to prepare your child for the actual grammar or Independent school entrance test.

With over 12 years experience in delivering professionally tailored 11+ Mock Exams, our exam sessions are expertly designed and delivered to give your child the very best opportunity of success in their actual exams.

Our 11+ Mock Tests:


  • Cover all major examination bodies including CEM (Durham University) and GL Assessment (NFER)
  • Offer the opportunity of allowing your child to take full mock test exam papers under real exam conditions
  • Will give you the opportunity of building your child’s confidence
  • Are written by 11+ authors and exam specialists
  • Rank the performance of your child thereby allowing you to see how your child’s ability and test performance compares with other children sitting the same exam
  • Provide you with specific information on your child’s individual performance so that you can plan a focused and effective revision strategy leading up to the real exams
  • Allow you the opportunity of arranging an individual post exam review session, where appropriate additional topic and exam practice material can be recommended for your child

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